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To Be or Not To Be

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Birthdate:Nov 30
Location:United States of America
Somewhere Only We Know
Name: Erica
Nickname(s): Erbear, Bear, Lufi, Lulu
Age: 23
Date of Birth: November 30
Signs: (Western) Sagittarius (Chinese)Rabbit
Height: 5'3"
Major: English
Hobbies: Roleplaying, Writing, Reading, Internet

Television/Manga: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Young Justice, Doctor Who, Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Justice League, Phineas & Ferb, Power Rangers, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, various anime/manga, action/adventure, comedy, cartoons

Books: Stravaganza Series, The Dresden Files, The Pendragon Adventures, The Nightside Series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Gone series, YA lit, Urban Fantasy

Movies: Superhero movies, Disney, romcoms, action/adventure

Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Elite Beat Agents, The World Ends With You, Guitar Hero, Phoenix Wright, Cooking Mama

@ [info]itsjustagamerp
Terra :: [info]eroded_earth
Kaldur'ahm/Aqualad :: [info]acceptedburden
Maes Hughes :: [info]mustbemaes
Perry the Platypus :: [info]ttlynotanagent
@ [info]exitvoid
Kaldur :: [info]barefootbadass
@ [info]riftedguilds
Kaldur :: [info]faithintheteam

Former Games. [info]amity_slash, [info]secondchancerp, [info]centerverse, [info]digital_dive, [info]kh_ex_animo, [info]trinitycrossing, [info]twinleaftown, [info]daisychainrpg, [info]permanent_way, [info]ingen_rpg, [info]taxonomites, [info]starfleetrpg, [info]squarewarts, [info]rpgthatneverwas, [info]xi_rpg, [info]counted_stars, [info]splendorocity, [info]pradeda, [info]paixaorpg, [info]secondcityrpg, [info]somarium.
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